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Welcome to our newest edition: Baby Bottega Blog!

Here you will find information about our new products, decor inspiration, learn more about the brands we carry and their items, and DIYs and how-to’s. On the blog we also share a window of the steps we go to find and create unique and custom products of quality.

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Strolling through Florence


It’s not hard to feel inspired when you get to call Florence, Italy your hometown! At Baby Bottega, we’re lucky to be headquartered in the heart of one of the world’s most creative cities, where lively artisan traditions carry on at every corner, contemporary designers break the mould and the past constantly mixes with the present.

Just Wednesday evening we got to take in this stellar view during the kickoff party of Florence Design Week, a series of events dedicated to design and all things handmade–two of the things we hold dearest at Baby Bottega.

You probably don’t need us to convince you of how beautiful Florence is, but what you may not know is that it’s very family-friendly and there are plenty of activities and resources to keep the little ones loving it.

The biggest challbabyzenstrollerenge? Logistics. With our without a car, carting the kids around Tuscany’s capital isn’t always easy. That’s why we stock strollers in store. If you’re coming to Florence, stop by via il Prato and simplify your day with one of our favorite brands, Baby Zen. These lightweight, luxe beauties are an absolute lifesaver.

They’re compact and easy to fold up, but the best part is that you can take them on the plane as hand luggage. It’s even easier than lugging your laptop through security checkpoints!

Take a closer look on our store website…then have fun strolling through Florence or wherever your travels may take you!

Behind the Scenes. The Baby Bottega Collection Knobs

Do you ever wonder how we create some of the products we sell? Take a look at the whole process!  Have a peek through a window of our process to create these award winning pieces.  See below to see us design the pieces, meet up with the artisans, choose finishes during the creation phase, and test out products!


Our knobs are original designs from Daisy and exclusive to Baby Bottega. The knobs are handcrafted by Italian artisans. They are a great way to give existing or new furniture some character. Check out our site here to see what models are available. They are available in bronze or nickel.

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Bunk Bed Inspiration

Thinking of maximizing your space and utilizing storage for your children’s room? Bunk beds are a great way to do this!  Here are some of the bunk beds we  carry.

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Click here to check to get more information on these beds see what other beds we have on our site.

Which one is your favorite?  Comment Below!

Visiting BlaBla

The past week,  I had the pleasure to travel to Atlanta, Georgia and visit the Bla Bla store.  Bla Bla was created in 2001 by Susan Pritchett and Florence Wetterwald. They create adorable knit dolls, pillows, bedding, and more!


Visiting the Blabla studio!


Each doll is made fair trade in Peru and each doll has its own name. Each doll has a boy and girl version and has several different animal dolls to choose from.


They have adorable bedding and accessories to brighten up and add character to a bed.


These dolls are great collectors items and can be heirlooms and passed down through generations.


Check it out in our store!


Check out the items we carry in our store and online here. Which item or doll by Bla Bla is your favorite? Comment below to let us know!

Brighten Up a Kids Room: 5 Creative Lighting Ideas

A simple way to spruce up your child’s interior is to just change the lighting. Changing the light fixture can add a whimsical touch to a kids room and help bring together a look.

Where are some of our favorite light fixtures that we carry. You can click on the links below to get more information or drop into the store to see some the models in person and we can answer any more questions you may have.


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